Veterinarian Visits

All pets should go for regular check ups, especially the younger puppies and the older geriatric dogs. This helps with picking up possible conditions earlier as well as helps to keep your pet up to date with preventative medications. It is recommended for your pet to go for annual check ups and biannual checkups when they are older at the age of seven and above. During the health check at the vet, the vet would check for the dental condition of your pet’s teeth, check for any lumps and bumps and for a normal heartbeat amongst other things that might help pick up diseases early. Blood tests or other tests may then be recommended depending on your pet’s condition to check for healthy organ function or infections.

Of course it may be scary for your pet to go to the vets so to minimise this, you may start getting your pet used to the pet carriers or even being in a car from young and be sure to find a veterinarian that your pet is comfortable with!