Senior Pets

Just like humans, animals age too! However due to their shorter lifespans, they are considered ‘senior’ at a much younger age. In cats and small dogs, they are usually considered ‘senior’ at about seven years of age while larger dogs tend to have shorter lifespans and may be considered senior when they are 5-6 years old. They may then start to develop age-related problems and therefore good care would help them live happier and healthier lives.

Certain problems are more common in your geriatric pets and these may include heart, kidney or liver disease, cancer or arthritis. They may also develop cataracts or have reduced hearing and slow down in their activity. It is good to take note of these changes and go for regular biannual health checks and do the relevant tests to pick these conditions up early.

Keeping them within a healthy weight range and ensuring a balanced diet will definitely help to reduce the occurrence of these disease.